President of Instituto Vivas.

He was president of Fundação Clóvis Salgado, Executive Director of Fundação Municipal de Cultura, Advisor to the Presidency of the Republic - SECOM and Deputy Secretary of Culture and Tourism of Minas Gerais.

Coreto has always been a company of many achievements and competences, a reference in the event market. With the arrival of their new partners Daniela Savoi and Gabriela Santoro, with whom I have worked and I have a lot of admiration and respect, I am sure that she will win and a lot in her professional performance. They join Lílian Nunes and add a wide experience and differentiated sensitivity. People who know how to do and happen!



Cultural Director of the Clóvis Salgado Foundation. She was Programming Coordinator at Sesc Palladium, Superintendent of Cultural Programming and Educational Action at the Praça da Liberdade cultural circuit, Director of Bangalô Produções.

I love working with Coreto. A team of extremely competent women, who manage to combine professionalism and lightness with a rare skill. They love what they do so much, and have been doing it for so long, that they always have teams around them that are, in fact, one big family. We work there between laughs and always with the certainty that everything will be all right. Because it always works!



Anderson Dodó Silva - President Cultural Group Heralds of the Ghetto I Morro das Pedras Community.

When we see that “there is a bandstand”, everything changes ... A company that takes care of events and especially people, always with fairness and respect so that the best reaches the public. Aaaahhhhh ... Simply wonderful! Long live the bandstand!



Cultural manager and owner of Pólobh.

"It is not easy to think of Pólobh today without thinking of Coreto! We are sister companies that unite in the most different challenges so that, together and based on the power of their individual talents, we can create experiences, meetings and solutions for our customers and partners. "



Cultural Manager, Profª at PUC Minas in the MBA in Management of Cultural Enterprises and Former Director of Festivals at the Municipal Foundation of Culture of Belo Horizonte.

I can say that talking about Coreto is easy, because I had the opportunity to jointly run some, so many, projects with countless challenges! With a 360º look, as the bandstands in the capital are used to, the producer is able, with its network of partners and professionals, to create and recreate innovative solutions in a customized, empathetic and efficient way.



Technical coordinator and owner of ZBM Som & Luz

It is very rewarding when we have the opportunity to produce, create and experiment with projects in a joint and creative way.
Coreto, makes us and allows us to dream. At each event a dream come true, where we have the support and encouragement to turn all our expectations into reality



Undersecretary for Planning, Budget and Administration of the Ministry of Tourism.
He was President of the Association of Friends of the Historical Museum Abílio Barreto and Director of Education and Extension of the Clóvis Salgado Foundation, in Belo Horizonte.

Coreto is a company that always knows how to bring together the most committed and most capable professionals to achieve superior performances, making value deliveries in the most varied projects. It is a reference in the events area, being used for several projects in the metropolitan region of Belo Horizonte.



Mobilizing the Gentileza Movement. She was Director of Cultural Actions at the Belo Horizonte Municipal Culture Foundation and Representative of the Ministry of Culture in Minas Gerais.

I have (in fact, we have) for Coreto the greatest professional respect and gratitude. In addition to the unmatched competence of its management and employees, Coreto is a partner company, which stands for excellence in its deliveries and engages body and soul in the projects in which it operates. An example of this is the Virada Cultural de BH, which would not be the success it is without the participation of Coreto in the production of the event



Cultural Entrepreneur

Creator of the VLI Cultural Trails Project

"Talking about Coreto is simple ... it is simple because working with you and having tranquility, security and certainty that the best will be delivered. Barriers and challenges become simpler when you are ahead of the events. Behind the scenes, in the negotiations. protecting us and ensuring delivery. Congratulations Coreto team. You make the show. You are the show !!! "



Superintendent of Libraries, Museums, Public Archives and Cultural Equipment. He was Manager of Sesc Palladium, President of the Association of Friends of the Abílio Barreto Museum and Manager of Public Relations and Press Office Embratur

A cultural production powerhouse, Coreto is a consolidated company in the market with highly qualified and sensitive professionals. Working with Coreto has always been a sharing of learning, innovation, dynamism and great results.