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Coreto is an event producer that works in the elaboration and production of cultural, corporate, artistic and gastronomic projects and that over the last few years has specialized in the management of large-scale actions in public places. It is recognized as one of the production companies with the greatest expertise in the Minas Gerais market and serves public and private customers, in addition to
to collaborate with other producers in the development of their proprietary projects.
He has extensive experience in the elaboration and monitoring of projects, focused on the identification of strategic milestones and the indication of engagement actions and composition of visual identity that establish brands and perpetuate the institutional legacies proposed for the projects of which he is a part.


The company's mission is to design customized solutions and support decision making, proposing and managing corporate, promotional and community engagement activities that strengthen the defense of causes, purposes and institutional principles, highlighting in its projects entrepreneurship and the generation of income and knowledge.


To be a reference in quality with regard to consultancy and event production, with a focus on economy,

innovation and fostering creative entrepreneurship.

Since its creation, Coreto conducts its projects and relationships with its customers, based on the values: Ethics,

Transparency, Creativity, Efficiency, Availability and Flexibility.
It acts in order to increase the participation of local suppliers and entrepreneurs in its events,

stimulating the regional productive chain.
Encourages voluntary practices and the adoption of universal accessibility measures. And values the performance of actions that contribute to the market and the purpose of its customers, maximizing positive impacts for people and institutions, through innovative, sustainable solutions, with social responsibility, respect and indistinct acceptance of the diversity of genders, races and ways of thinking.



  Gabriela Santoro is a public relations and executive project manager with expertise in planning and articulating partnerships. He holds an MBA in knowledge management and business intelligence from COPPE-UFRJ and a specialization in advanced sports management from the Brazilian Olympic Institute. He has conducted several national and international cultural, sports and corporate projects.

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  Lilian Nunes is a building technician, journalist, singer, actress, announcer, producer and director. Works in the elaboration, coordination and realization of some of the main festivals in Minas Gerais. He has expertise in the production and circulation of shows - national and international, as well as a great artistic experience, offering the best technical solutions, for creating, writing and directing shows, entertainment and engagement actions.

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  Daniela Savoi is a lawyer graduated from PUC-MG and working in the field of labor litigation and consultancy, cultural law and the third sector. She was a legal office manager for over ten years. Post-graduated in Labor Law and Procedure from the Public Prosecutor's Foundation and an MBA in the Third Sector from Faculdade Batista de Minas Gerais.

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